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About SE-PowerFoil

Solar energy is the ultimate future energy source. It is a clean and sustainable source of energy that can provide a significant share of our energy needs and greenhouse gas emission reductions. At present, solar energy is much more expensive than conventional energy.

SE-Powerfoil aims at the development of roll-to-roll manufacturing technology for production of high-efficiency flexible photovoltaic (PV) modules. These photovoltaic modules allow for easy integration and installation leading to low-cost PV systems. This is essential to create mature, subsidy-independent markets for solar electricity, cost competitive with conventional electricity sources. The target is to develop 12 % efficient PV modules, with more than 20 years outdoor lifetime and manufacturing costs below 0.5 Euro/Wp.

Flexible PV laminates will allow versatile use in growth markets with billion Euro sized economic potential:

1. Large power markets in which the PV laminates greatly will contribute to European
objectives to establish a future sustainable, independent electricity supply system and
to strengthen the European industry and export position;

2. Mass markets where flexible solar cell laminates provide cost efficient, light weight,
portable power, including e.g. personal electronics, ICT, security, leisure, medical,
military and affordable power for electrification in rural and remote regions.


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